Please read the entirety of the policy to get the details about how safety protocols will work in the salon.
Thank you!



Please CAREFULLY read this entire page before booking your appointments.
We will strive to move forward with a Safety First mindset.

  • Due to increase of supply costs and reduced capacity, we have adjusted prices. 

  • Traditional polish services will no longer have extra dry time after your service. This is to enhance social distancing.

  • Install barrier between client in the pedicure area will remain.

  • Finally, if you are feeling sick in anyway. PLEASE give us a call to reschedule. If you choose to come in ill, we will refuse service and a no show fee will be in effect.



  • Wear a face mask and shield for the duration of the client visit.

  • Wash hands before all services.

  • Wear a new pair of nitrile gloves for each client.

  • Clean all surfaces with Simple Green d Pro5 hospital grade disinfectant between clients and at the end of the day.

  • Keep tools sanitized and disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant.

  • As much as possible, maintain 6+ feet of distance between clients.

  • Keep client occupancy in the salon at 4 people max and total occupancy to 10 people max.



  • Make an appointment and please be prompt. After a 15 minute grace period:

    • If time permits, your service will be down graded.

    • If time DOES NOT permit, then the late cancellation fee will be in effect.

  • We will no longer be accepting VENMO as a form of payment.

    • CASH preferably

    • We will accept Credit Cards

  • Properly wear a mask for the duration of your visit.

    • If you do not have one, one will be provided.

    • If you CHOOSE not to wear a mask, a no show fee will be in effect.

    • Please avoid wearing running gaiters or bandannas.

    • Masks must be worn properly during the entire service.

  • When you arrive, PLEASE wait in your car/outside and call the salon to notify us you have arrived. We will let you know when we are ready for you.

    • As a reminder we do not have a waiting area anymore.

  • Before you enter the salon, you will have your temperature taken.

    • IF you choose not to have your temperature taken, a no show fee will be in effect.

  • Your smartphone will be disinfected for your use during your service.

  • Wash hands before any service is performed.

  • Please DO NOT bring, but not limited to:

    • Food or beverage

    • Extra guests. We have removed the waiting area.